Faction Template and minimum requirements

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Faction Template and minimum requirements

Post by Admin on Sat Aug 06, 2016 5:49 am

#Of people in faction: (minimum 3)
Faction area: (coordinates) (must be 2km away from a used town)
Person with least time on server:
Person's time: (minimum 30 mins)
{NOTE 1}Discounted or special weapons (max 3):
{NOTE 2} Reason for existing:

if there are more than 3 people in your faction add more to the roster please

Leader: Player name|Arma ID
Player 2: Player name|Arma ID
Player 3: Player name|Arma ID

Please keep in mind if a minimum of 3 people in your faction are not without notice (so if your young and one of you gets grounded or you're moving or something contact an admin. You'll be fine) active your faction will be removed.

Note 1: You can either have a 25% discount on 3 weapons, have 3 weapons that aren't normally in shops or a variation of the two. EX Like 2 specials and 1 discount
Note 2: By "reason for existing" we mean what will you be doing with this gang? Fighting other factions? Maybe selling your weapons to the public. Maybe you just want a discount on weapons. It doesn't matter why we're just curious.


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